10 January 2011 0 Comments

Forget New Year’s Resolutions; Beware the Baobabs!

If good things come in small packages, then I understand why the French story The Little Prince is so good. This brief classic is rich with deep truths spoken by an innocent youngster. The book and its protagonist are both very small. This childlike ruler is the only inhabitant of an equally small planet.  The […]

14 November 2009 4 Comments

Buttoned Up

Do your best; look your best. Pretty basic stuff, right? So you can imagine my chagrin to look in the mid-morning mirror and see my button-down collar unbuttoned! Then I started to recount the day: Up at 5:30, catch the 6:15 into downtown, then the skyway, the coffee shop, the guard’s desk, the elevator, three […]