20 April 2011 0 Comments

Running on Empty?

My friend was distraught, growing more anxious with every turn. He was grateful for the ride from the airport, but concerned about the gas gauge indicator, which looked as if it had passed “E” sometime last week.  It didn’t help that the surroundings were unfamiliar and that the driver appeared unconcerned (or unaware) of their […]

10 January 2011 0 Comments

Forget New Year’s Resolutions; Beware the Baobabs!

If good things come in small packages, then I understand why the French story The Little Prince is so good. This brief classic is rich with deep truths spoken by an innocent youngster. The book and its protagonist are both very small. This childlike ruler is the only inhabitant of an equally small planet.  The […]

19 September 2010 0 Comments

Creating Wall Street

“Stop going for the easy buck and produce something with your life. Create, instead of living off the buying and selling of others.” So ends the 1987 Oliver Stone film “Wall Street.”  The sequel, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” (also directed by Stone), opens on Friday. This quote captures an important but often overlooked theme in […]

13 September 2010 1 Comment

Lost Leader

ABC’s hit television series LOST completed its 6-year run last season, but the buzz continues. Some people are even watching the entire series a second time. And for good reason. This well-crafted epic contains several intertwined plot lines, and is worthy of multiple viewings and discussions. (For those rolling your eyes, hang with me. You […]

10 June 2010 0 Comments

Galarraga Takes the Lead

Even if you don’t follow baseball, you probably heard the story. Last week, after three hours on the mound and seconds away from becoming the 21st player in baseball history to pitch a perfect game, Detroit Tigers’ pitcher Armando Galarraga lost that title because of an error – the umpire’s! A “No-Hitter” is every pitcher’s […]

28 November 2009 1 Comment

1 – 1 = 1

No, it’s not some kind of new math, but it is a challenge to those who think life is a zero sum game.  When following our natural tendency, I think they are right.  But I also believe there is a better way to act that almost always produces more. A great illustration of this principle […]

14 November 2009 4 Comments

Buttoned Up

Do your best; look your best. Pretty basic stuff, right? So you can imagine my chagrin to look in the mid-morning mirror and see my button-down collar unbuttoned! Then I started to recount the day: Up at 5:30, catch the 6:15 into downtown, then the skyway, the coffee shop, the guard’s desk, the elevator, three […]